Time To Protest Loudly For Van de Kamps Community College
The time has come for taxpayers to take their “revolt” to the Los Angeles Community College District (“LACCD”) Board of Trustees to demand that the community college facility promised to voters is finally fully opened for community college classes for our Northeast young adults with the movement of the current Charter High School tenant to another more appropriate location. 
How much longer will you tolerate the LACCD Board taking $100-$200 of your property taxes each year and REFUSING to open the Van de Kamps campus to full community college and workforce training classes for young adults in Northeast Los Angeles?  How much longer will you fume about it, or will you get to the hearing this week to express your frustration with the conduct of the LACCD?
WHAT: Public Hearing on Possible Alternative Uses Of The Van de Kamps Campus
DATE: Wednesday, September 25, 2013
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
WHERE:  VDK Bakery Building, 2nd Floor  2930 Fletcher Drive (Fletcher/San Fernando Road.)
On Wednesday evening, the LACCD Board of Trustees, led by Steve Veres (declared candidate for Los Angeles Council District 4), Miguel Santiago (declared candidate for State Assembly seat), and Mona Field (Eagle Rock resident on the Board for many years), will conduct a Public Hearing to consider these FOUR OPTIONS:
1.     Community College Classes Evening/Leaving Charter High School in Possession for Most of the Campus.
2.     Workforce Training Classes/Leaving Charter High School in Possession.
3.     Current Mix Put In Place In Violation of Environmental Laws (District Offices, Workforce Training and Charter High School in Possession)
4.     Community College Offices/Outside University Partners Classes
There is a FIFTH alternative that the LACCD Board could follow.  Apparently, the LACCD does not want the public to remember the original plan for the VDK Campus.  It could terminate the Charter High School lease of the largest portion of the Van de Kamps Campus and actually implement the Van de Kamps Community Colllege plan that justified spending $91 million to build the campus.
The LACCD Board currently receives nearly $400,000 in rental payments from Denny’s, Pollo Loco, and Auto Zone.  That money means that it does not NEED the Charter High School’s rent to cover the operating costs of Van de Kamps.  By leaving the Charter High School in possession and control of our campus, LACCD is making a profit off Northeast taxpayers and sending the money to benefit other parts of the City.  That is grossly unfair and taxpayers can demand that this practice end.  Go to the meeting this Wednesday night and give the LACCD Board your thoughts on what they should do to remedy the mess they made.
The LACCD has prepared a Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (“SEIR”) for the VDK Campus use.  You can see it at  What you won’t see at this site is the Final SEIR.  Why would LACCD publish its Draft SEIR, but NOT its Final SEIR that contains copies of the comment letters of the public?  Perhaps because the LACCD Board does not want you to read what people had to say about their reprehensible and irresponsible conduct in perverting our Community College Campus into a private charter high school.
It is time to DEMAND that LACCD publish the Final SEIR online next to its Draft SEIR.  When you go to the meeting on Wednesday night, demand that the LACCD give you a disk with the Final SEIR so you can read the comments on the Proposals.
The Van de Kamps Coalition